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Getting Started: A crash course in the Earthborne United ARG

The World

The year is 2276.

Humanity has spread across the universe, colonizing other planets with the advent of ‘slipspace’ technology. The most notable of these planets are the members of the Interplanetary Union, a conglomerate of thirteen worlds to facilitate peace and trade. Each of these worlds has been granted independence, with the one exception being Earth.

Horizon Industries, the company responsible for the discovery of slipspace technology, retains control over Earth’s government. It’s current president, John Sparrow, is the third member of the Sparrow family to both run Horizon as well as act as dictator of Earth.

Unsurprisingly, there are citizens of Earth who aren’t happy with this situation. Collectively these men and women go by the name of the Earthborne United. They are a group of rebels dedicated to helping Earth claim it’s independence from Horizon by overthrowing the government. 17 years earlier, when the organization first formed, The rebellion was defeated by Horizon, though it never completely disappeared. The few men and women who remain in control of the EBU have been biding there time until an opportunity to strike has presented itself, and that time is now.

Earth has much of its contact with the other worlds censored or completely blocked off by Horizon. Because of this, receiving outside support has been next to impossible for the last 17 years.

In August of this year, citizens of the other planets began reaching out to the Earth, sending encrypted messages to let us know that we haven’t been forgotten, most notably being Akamu Hale and Darren Jones. Hopefully with their help, the people of Earth can finally be free of Horizon.

Current Events

There are two main plots to be followed.

Earthborne United

Adam Everest, the leader of the Earthborne United, has been executed the same day as his trial. The next two members in rank, Allison Archer and Adam’s brother Caile Everest have taken control of the resistance.

As a result of an offer from the Ruvinov Mafia, we learned that the original EBU leader, Harper Black was in fact alive and well, hiding on Janus. The Mafia is interested getting there hands on Harper so that they can use her as a bargaining chip with Horizon. It's unclear what they want from Horizon currently.

A plan has been set up to have Siren, a slipper hijack the ship transporting her and divert it to Oceanus where Richard Kai will be waiting for her.

This plan is meant to happen on Friday December 21.

Atlas Station

The second plot revolves around a listening station on a remote planet named Atlas. A man named Ethan Covington, an employee of Horizon, was sent to operate this station for reasons we’re unclear on.

Much of what we’ve learned about this station has been through an AI named LISA. The AI can be spoken to through the Horizon industries contact email. Through our communications with LISA, we have been able to conclude that something else has been able to hack into her, and there is a very strong possibility that this something has connections to the listening station.

On October 10th, we received a tip in the form of transcripts of communications between the listening station and the project’s team on Earth stating that an incoming signal had been heard. This seemed to surprise the team at Horizon. Even more interesting, shortly after the signal was received a shuttle left the station only to disappear from all forms of radar and tracking methods. The shuttle has since crashed on a remote, unknown planet and broadcasts a weekly distress transmission.

Transmissions are weekly (usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10pm eastern time).

Sites to check out

In game - A forum where the EBU discuss our plans and help solve puzzles. It's the primary way we communicate with Allison and Caile.

OOG - Unfiction Forum, where we discuss all things relevant to the resistance and Horizon a little more openly

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