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Atlas is a planet orbiting 77 Cygni, approximately four-hundred-and-eleven light-years from Earth. Horizon Industries has set up a listening station for reasons that are unknown at this time.

Listening Station


Current Employees: Ethan Covington

Atlas appears to be an outpost designed to listen for transmissions from the far corners of the galaxy, much like SETI on Earth.

Employees of the station are hired through the Horizon ranks to serve 6 month contracts alone on the barren planet.

Although a recruitment poster was sent out indicating that Horizon would be breaking with traditions and hiring an employee to be sent to Atlas from outside the ranks of the Aegis, it turns out it was all a hoax by Sparrow to get information out of the citizens of Earth. The position had already been filled by Ethan Covington.

At the beginning of October, it appears that Ethan picked up a signal, and this was a surprise to him.

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