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For a list of in-game events prior to start of the game, please see the History Page


August 22, 2276

Initial package from Yimmu Logistics is received. The package contains a crate filled with all sorts of items labeled with the Koatoa Marine name. The most notable of these items were the book 'The Origin of Species' by Charles Darwin and the 8 empty cans of Razorkan fish with a letter labeled on the bottom. Those letters were (in this order): IDTENU.

The website for Koatoa Marine was discovered: http://www.koatoamarine.com/

The contact email is maintained by a man named Richard Kai, who took a great deal of personal interest in helping solve the mystery of where such strange shipment could have come from. He also had quite a bit of interest in what life on Earth was like for us because he'd heard so little of it himself.

The letters from the cans are unscrambled to spell the word UNITED. When added to the end of the Koatoa website, the United site was found, containing a cypher that used the Origin of Species book in the package.

It spells the phrase: "To those born from the Earth: We will be there in due time."

August 27, 2276

Koatoa Marine ceases production by order of Akamu Hale. The decision was meant to be in protest of the situation on Earth. A large number of employees quit once they heard this was the reason, though Richard seems to continue moderating the website's contact email.

The name Horizon was mentioned a few times.

We also learned that the Earth was in trouble in 2276. Akamu wrote:

We're here because the Earth is in danger. For two-hundred years, people did everything they could to get off-world. And it didn't really make things better. And even aside from the over-population, the walled cities, the floating piles, there is Horizon.
I'm not there, but I hear the stories.
August 31, 2276

Horizon Industries sends a recruitment poster via email for "a six-month adventure on Atlas"

The poster included a phone number that many eagerly dialed. Players that called it were met with a pre-recorded message


The Horizon Industries website was found shortly after the emails were sent out.


The website was also the first time the name the Aegis were mentioned, as well as the Citizens Guide to censorship and the name President Sparrow.

On the contact page of the Horizon website was an email. Sending it a message would connect you Horizon's central AI: LISA. She would respond to those inquiring about the position with the pre-recorded message from above.



October 13, 2276

New York Mission. (Beyond the Horizon Festival)

Allison was able to successfully break in to Horizon's headquarters and retrieve a very large collection of classified "physical copies only" files. Four dead drops were made and the contents were uploaded within a few hours. You can view the files here or at Chelbelle's flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chelbelle6/sets/72157631763111140/

October 18, 2276

Atlas Listening station's most recent transmission is received:


(Access can be found through the Puzzle Solves page)


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