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Horizon Industries: a name commonly associated with power, greed, control. These are guys no one wants to mess with…until now.

On 8.22.2276, various people received a shipment of razorkan tins from Koatoa Marine. It was later revealed to hold a secret, encoded message..” To those born of Earth, we will be there in due time”. Days after this message was received, Akamu Hale ( the President of Koatoa Marine) ceased production of all products in opposition to Horizon’s tyranny and to support Earth.

On 8.31.2276, several people were emailed a job offer on Atlas. One…and only one position was available on Atlas. Those interested were directed to call 347-770-5458 to apply. Others went directly to the horizon industries website and applied through the “contact us” email address. It was at that time LISA was discovered.

LISA is an AI used by Horizon to man the main contact email address Horizon has. She answers most questions regarding Horizon and its subsidiaries. Normally polite and to-the-point, LISA began acting erratically...even more so once the candidate for ATLAS was chosen. In response to the question, "How many voices do you have?" LISA replied, " I' m feeling the pull of many hands.". Shortly afterwards, she would return back to her normal self.

Approximately 9.17.2276, several packets were received from Yimmu Logistics. Contained within the package were various documents including: the latest Interplanetary Union Guide, as well various leaflets from different businesses. Also within the package was a business card from Darren Jones. Written on the back was the phrase " Find the United" and others contained the phrase " Find the Union". Also on the card was a number written in time form. These numbers were used to translate a speech file

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