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August 29, 2276

Players received a job listing for an expedition to Atlas. Upon calling the number they were directed to this page.



We are the providers.

We are the protectors.

Welcome to Horizon Industries.




"No one dared come near us, for there was no weapon we were afraid. Of the many men before us, we were stronger than all, for all men were greatly afraid of us. We are the protectors. We are the Aegis."

They were the unwanted, the forgotten children on the streets of Earth or worse, in the vast desert outside of our city walls. Such conditions made them strong and unwavering in the face of fear. At Horizon Industries, we gave them a chance to not only survive, not only to prosper, but to make a difference.

They kept us safe in 2260, when criminals attempted but failed to murder President Sparrow. They have kept those criminals at bay, imprisoning those who continue to terrorize our population and instilling fear amongst those who debate further action.

The Aegis are always watching, and always listening. You can help. Contact your local Aegis security checkpoint to report suspicious activities.




Founded in 2095 to harvest the materials and resources needed to power the technology that would fulfill the destiny of humanity, Horizon Industries has been involved throughout the entirety of this incredible time in our history.

Today, we continue to provide the technology and resources that power the interstellar commerce between the thirteen members of the Union. The discovery of slipspace travel by our researchers, the technology to build the portals, and the resources needed to power them has saved our species from certain destruction.

At home, on the planet that bred us into what we are today, we are the protectors of those who remain. Their homes are not safe from the chaos of insurrection. We provide the security that allows a father to slumber without the need for a gun beneath his pillow. We protect the mother who is threatened by the madness beyond city walls.

Our technology has allowed our eyes to be set upon all evil at all times, and our Aegis security patrols provide the shield to protect our citizens from such chaos.

Travel Informtion


Travel Information



Your safety and security is our number one concern. Our threat level system is designed to inform you of recent security issues, prevent issues from becoming threats, and prevent threats from becoming reality. Our threat level system is explained below:


No access to Jovian Terminal.


Physical goods only.


Access to the Jovian Terminal is allowed. All travelers must undergo Aegis security checks.


Access to the Jovian Terminal is allowed. All travelers must undergo normal security checks.

Safety Through Security


Safety Through Security

Always watch. Always listen. Those words are what keep us safe.

There was a time in this world, before Horizon Industries was leading humanity towards a new horizon, when every man, woman, and child hid beneath their bed in fear. Is that what you want for your sons and daughters?

We believe in safety through security, and you will too. Our security network is unmatched. Our eyes are always open. This is what keeps you safe. On other worlds, a hungry man stealing a loaf of bread goes unpunished. In fact, it is many times rewarded. With our security network in place, that man shall be seen and heard, and then quickly and rightfully stopped before his true intentions can be realized. The Aegis, who are trained to deal with such criminals, are linked to the network, allowing them to arrive from their patrol to the scene in minutes.

It would be a fabrication to bestow such good words upon the Aegis alone, however, for it is people like you, the population who believes in safety through security, that keeps the world safe as well. By watching, and by listening, and then by accurate reporting, you keep yourselves and those around you safe. You help the Aegis do their job efficiently, and most importantly, you keep Horizon Industries safe and secure from internal and external threats.

And for that, we thank you.




Horizon Industries

New York District


For rare, but potential employment opportunities:

(347) 770-5458


The text of the footer that appears on the bottom next to the Citizens Guide on all of the Horizon pages except for the Welcome page is as follows:

Citizens Guide

Your guide to the few restrictions and regulations in place to keep you safe and secure. Each household should have at least one copy of the Citizens Guide to Censoship and Security. Free guides can be acquired at your local Aegis security station.

Remember: Aegis patrols assume you have read this guide, and for your safety, they will consider those who haven't a threat.

Our Mission

Our mission is your safety and security. We've taken every step to create a safe environment the families of Earth. Our goal is always to make your life more secure. We achieve those goals with incredible technologies that allow us to respond to enemies of security quickly and with force.

Outside of our boundaries, our mission is to provide the technologies and resources that keep the Union prosperous.


While rare, opportunities to become a part of Horizon Industries do come up from time-to-time. While we prefer to promote from within, and to hire from our pool of young men and women who come up through our education system, there are times when those outside of the organization are brought in to compete for specific jobs.

You will be contacted if we believe you may fit the profile for a new position.

Copyright © 2095 - 2276. Always Watch. Always Listen.

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