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Earthborne United

Seventeen years ago, Harper Black rallied thousands of supporters together in the New York District. As the Independence Movement swept across the rest of inhabited space, the power of the United Nations and Horizon Industries only became more consolidated on Earth. Her rallies were simply a call for independence, a call to break away from the United Nations and Horizon Industries as the rest of the Union was doing.

Across the Union, colonies were granted independence. But Horizon Industries would not accept a complete loss of power. While the other colonies became free from UN/Horizon rule without bloodshed, the Aegis led a force against Harper Black’s rallies, imprisoning and later murdering many of those who followed her. This act spurred not thousands, but hundreds of thousands to Harper Black’s cause. She called this group the Earthborne United.

In 2260, after a year of fighting, the Earthborne United were outnumbered and overmatched. Harper Black fled the planet before she could be caught, and the Earthborne United were crushed as the rest of its leadership fell. Those of us that remained promised that we would rise again. We have yet to fulfill that promise. Now, those who call themselves Earthborne are not many in number. Few remain loyal, and we have been forgotten throughout the rest of the Union.

That is, until now. Recently, Darren Jones, the Union Ambassador from Centauri made contact with us, saying a new wave were ready to join the Earthborne United, ready to begin a new fight against the tyranny of President Sparrow and Horizon Industries. Throughout the Union, support is growing. The time to take back what is ours is now.

Let there be chaos.

- Adam Everest

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