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LISA (Linguistic Intelligence System: Automated) is an AI that is contacted through's information email. She is self aware but lacks emotion, and has the function of answering questions particularly pertaining to horizon, though information it will grant to the public is severely restricted.

LISA is attached to a surge protector manufactured by Kruger Industrial.

LISA Hacked

On multiple occasions LISA has shown signs that she isn't currently in control. It's unclear who (or what) could be responsible for these take overs, but there is much speculation that it has ties to the listening station on Atlas.

Maintenance Mode

It is possible to get more information from LISA by entering maintenance mode. To do so requires the use of a Horizon Industries Access code (supplied encoded by Horizon), an ID badge, as well as a test of trivia questions "only a horizon employee could know" to prove your identity.

Once in, LISA will allow access to her information for 10 minutes at a time and will be far more willing to hand over what she knows.

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