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August 29, 2276

Koatoa Marine Production Ceased

An update to Koatoa Marine stating their production has stopped indefinitely.

Thank you for visiting the website of Koatoa Marine. We always have, and always will value our customers. However, recent events in the interstellar community have created an environment that we no longer feel comfortable doing business in. Our production will stop immediately and for the indefinite future. All recently placed orders will not be fulfilled, and will be refunded in full. Our physical locations on Oceanus will close for the duration of the stoppage.
Every interstellar shipment we make is another credit in the pockets of the Horizon. For too long, the Union politicians have turned a blind eye toward the population of Earth. It's time for us to take a stand and make it known that they have our support.
- Akamu Hale

August 22, 2276

Koatoa Marine's original state.



Thank you for visiting the website of Koatoa Marine! For over fifty years, Koatoa Marine has been the leading exporter of seafood to the Union. Our relationships with governments and corporations around the Union, as well as our special retail locations have created excellent relations with the interstellar community. On Oceanus, we take pride in our ability to not only feed our population, but contribute in other ways as well. Akamu Hale, the CEO and Founder of Koatoa Marine, continues his philanthropic efforts by building libraries and public schools on Oceanus.


While providing food for the Union is always our top priority, we also provide our advanced seafood processing and handling equipment to the commercial sector of other planets in the Union. Our technologies allow for high-volume catching at over twice the speed than traditional technology.

Our location on Oceanus has also led to many new innovations regarding the capture of deep-sea fish as well as aquatic plants.


At Koatoa Marine, we take our relationships with corporations, governments, and individuals very seriously. Our relationships are what keep our company alive and moving. Throughout the Union, we have partnerships in place with many governments to deliver our delicious products to their populations, but those wouldn't be possible without Yimmu Logistics, a wonderful company we united with that handles all of our packaging and shipping needs.

For more information on partnering with us, please contact our corporate office.

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