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Elaine is an editor for the IU Press who contacted members of the Earthborne United for information about the resistance for an article she was writing.

The article appeared in the 10.02.2276 issue of the IU Press.

Sample email

To whom it may concern:

I have been notified by a source that you may be involved with the Earthborne United. My name is Elaine Rudick, and I am an editor at the IU Press, which I now realize, may have been censored for the last sixteen years. I was hoping to get a comment from you for an article I am writing for the upcoming issue. Your name will not be revealed. I want to cover this story, the story of Adam Everest's arrest, with the best sources possible. Are you interested?

Please contact me at this address if I may use you as a source.

//E. Rudick //Editor //IU Press

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