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Welcome to The Earthborne United

Welcome to the wiki! This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the Earthborne United, Horizon Industries, and the mystery on planet Atlas.

Calling all wiki-folk! This wiki would love to have more hands helping update it with information, pictures, and more, especially where pages are empty or incomplete. Feel free to make an account and help out!

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The nutshell

Summary of the story so far...

It is the year 2276. Horizon Industries is an Earth-dominating organization that rules its citizens through tight surveilance and the Aegis, Horizon's security force. Determined to make a stand to save the homeland of his ancestors from this totalitarian organization, the old Akamu Hale has closed down his fishery, Koatoa Marine on the planet Oceanus, in hopes to inspire the Interplanetary Union to join his cause and reignite rebellion against Horizon as well as organizing a force to rebel on Earth through disguised messages utilizing the shipping company Yimmu Logistics, who can smuggle goods past Horizon's tight surveilance.
Meanwhile, Horizon has set up a listening station on the planetery body Atlas. What they are listening for is unknown. What is known is that they are looking to recruit someone from Earth to go there. Akamu and D. Jones, Akamu's friend and former rebel, see this as an opportunity...
We will decide Earth's fate.

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